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Trent Reznor tweets: Android app “is coming”

May 14, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Trent Reznor tweets: Android app “is coming”

Once again Trent Reznor has turned to Twitter to announce plans for the NIN mobile application. In a tweet yesterday afternoon he shared that they were “underway for a BlackBerry version of the NIN app.”

Of course, mention the BlackBerry and everyone wants to know when it will also come to (enter random platform name here). Thankfully, at least some of those people were asking for Android and it turns out that it in the plans, although it was not noted as being “underway” just that it was “coming.”

“Android is coming right behind the BB version. Everybody please calm down -everything’s going to be OK.”

Based on the tweet, it sounds to me like this is something that is planned, but not yet started. Hopefully we will see the app available for Android sooner as opposed to later. I have played with and used the nin: access app on the iPhone and can say that it is pretty nice.

The access app offers the ability to connect with other NIN fans as well as follow any NIN related news. You can also watch videos, stream music, check out images from the bands tour and more. Best of all, the app (at least for the iPhone) is available for free.

[Twitter via @trent_reznor]