Toggle Settings optimizes Android battery/features

May 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Toggle Settings optimizes Android battery/features

Android battery and feature management has received an upgrade in the recent updates to Toggle Settings. The powerful Android utility, which already provided quick access to turn on/off common settings, can now create profiles that better use those settings.

Toggle Settings’ “Profile” feature provides one touch support for packaged settings in Android. For instance, a “High Power” profile can turn on WiFi, AutoSync, GPS, or increase screen brightness for optimized YouTube viewing. A “Meeting” profile can turn off those features and turn on Silent mode all at once.

Toggle Settings has weathered a few bugs brought on by the update, which also adds “Rules” to launch profiles. Under rules, a low battery (30% or less) triggers a “Low Power” profile to turn off battery-draining settings like GPS. Locale has previously taken care of my profile management, but I always wanted to be able to turn off AutoSync while I slept. Toggle Settings’ “Time” profile trigger now takes care of that. It also offers an option to always keep the Toggle Settings shortcut in the Notification bar.

The new changes make Toggle Settings an even more valuable app. It creates profiles that meet your needs for media, traveling, meetings, or general day-to-day experiences. I urge Android users to turn on this free app.

To create and edit your profiles, follow these simple sets.

1. Launch Toggle Settings and press the Menu button and touch “Customize”


2. Check the “Profile” selection button so your profiles will be displayed. Then press the word profile.


3. Select a profile, press Menu and then “Add New Toggle”


4. Check all the settings you would like to edit and then press back. Be sure to include any feature that may appear in another profile. If you don’t choose to lower screen brightness in a “Low Battery” profile, Toggle Settings will keep the battery-draining brightness level used in your “YouTube” profile.


5. Click a selection button to turn on or off a specific feature. Edit the settings and then press back twice to save the changes. NOTE: Some early users experience problems when renaming profiles. If that happens to you, uninstall and reinstall the program.


6. To add triggers to launch profiles based on time or battery level, click on “Rules” and make the necessary changes.