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Samsung I7500 seen in hands-on video

May 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Samsung I7500 seen in hands-on video

The Samsung I7500, Samsung’s first Android phone, has received its first video treatment in a hands-on feature created by The video shows an early version of the I7500, which has not finalized the software that will come with the Samsung device. For instance,  it lacks some of the Cupcake features that should come standard in the phone, such as GPS and Notepad, and the on-screen keyboard is “funky” compared to the virtual keyboard seen on the Magic.

One would expect Samsung’s phone to perfect these problems prior to release, so that’s really a non-issue at the moment. The real story from this video is the unique features available in the I7500, including a great touchscreen and a camera with LED Flash functionality. This, along with the phone’s beautiful design form, makes the Samsung I7500 show the early signs of a winner. (click here to read specs and see still photos)

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