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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap highlights more Android goodness

May 4, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap highlights more Android goodness

Yet another leak that is rumored to be coming from T-Mobile, of course, this one shows off some interesting goodies. Lets just say that I hope this is the real deal.

To begin with, the G1 is shown as getting close to seeing a price cut, it looks like we can soon expect to pay $149. Of course, Amazon is still offering the G1 for $97.99.

Anyway, as you would expect with a price cut, that means the end-of-life is coming and it appears the G1 will be going away sometime around the “Back to School” season which runs from July 15 to September 8.

Sad news, maybe, however in this case it seems like we are going to be getting a few replacements to choose from. Moving on from the G1, it looks like we are going to be seeing the G2, err Sapphire, err myTouch debut this summer and be priced at $179.

But, perhaps a little more interesting is the Samsung Houdini and the G1 v.2 “Bigfoot” that are expected sometime during the Fall. Unfortunately, we have little, well OK, no information available as of yet. In this case, as you can see from the image below, even the price has been blacked out.

All I can say is that G1 v.2 Bigfoot looks a little close to a Helio Ocean 2, of course all things considered that is not all that bad of a form-factor. So, once again it seems we are simply waiting for something Android related to actually happen.