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HTC Magic available with Vodafone UK as of today

May 1, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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HTC Magic available with Vodafone UK as of today

Just like the post title implies, today is the day. No more lousy pre-orders, you will be able to actually place an order as of today. Given that, and although I am still more than a little jealous that I cannot run out (here in the US) and grab an HTC Magic, I will offer up this quick reminder that as of today those in the UK will be able to get a Magic of their own.

That’s right, today (May 1) is the official launch day for the HTC Magic on Vodafone UK.

Of course, if I was not able to forget that date, I am sure those in the UK who have been waiting were most likely on top of it also. Either way, enjoy your HTC Magic, and feel free to leave some links with pictures in the comments below. Anything to make us here in the US feel a little more jealousy will do. But in all seriousness, enjoy.