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Google I/Oers get Free HTC Magic, first look at Donut

May 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google I/Oers get Free HTC Magic, first look at Donut

Google is in a giving mood at its Google I/O Conference. For starters, everyone in attendance at I/O will walk home with a complimentary, unlocked HTC Magic and 30 days of free service on T-Mobile. And if that weren’t enough, conference goers have the privilege of getting the first look at Android’s “Donut” build.

Google I/O, currently underway in San Francisco, is a two-day developer’s conference that has produced a bevy of Android news. While developers and Android junkies who made their way to I/O are stoked to get the Magic (myTouch) for free, the rest of us not lucky enough to be in attendance should be more intrigued by the Donut features demoed at the conference.

Android Search – Say hello to universal search. Android already supports search within certain apps like GMail or Contacts, but not a central place to search the phone for everything else. With Android Search, users will be able to scan contacts, mail, music, and even third-party apps that tap-in to the feature. (NOTE: A trial app in the Android Market, also named  “Android Search” does something very similar. ) Android Search sounds like the mobile version of Google Desktop – search both online and within the device from one central point.

Translate - Donut translates given text into another language. This is another function that can already be done using an app in the Market (several apps actually),  but one would assume/hope that Google would make it more optimized or stronger in order to go through the trouble.

Interface tweaks – Engadget notes that there are slight tweaks to the user interface. A quick look at the Translate app shows that the selection button and keyboard are slightly different than what we’ve seen on Cupcake. Of course, that won’t matter much if carriers and phone manufacturers are going to put their own spin on the Android look from here on out.