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Discovered a cool Android app? Let people know!

May 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Discovered a cool Android app? Let people know!

Android apps are becoming harder than ever to find. Browse through the Android Market and you’ll see many of the shortcomings that made us wonder what can be done to improve the Market. Then you’ll wonder how Android fans can make it easier to discover and download worthy apps that don’t shoot up to the “Featured” section.

Well, Twitter might be a good way to share and recommend apps. Twitter members often use hash tags (terms with a ‘#’ in front) to create search-friendly messages. For instance, a tweet with “#G1” will make that post easily recognizable for Twitter users looking to discuss or learn about the T-Mobile G1.

In an effort to make finding new Android apps easier, encourages users to tweet posts with an “#androidapps” hash tag. The next time you discover that great app that you want to let everyone know about, tweet:

“Appname is amazing! It can _________. #androidapps

Tweeting with an easily recognizable term will shed light on deserving apps. It’ll also be a great way to tip us, as will occasionally post highlights from #androidapps tweets in our Android App Alert posts, a feature on site covering worthy Android apps. So spread the message to your followers and followees on Twitter. If more members embrace the #androidapps tag, Android fans will have a new way to catch what slips through the bloated Market cracks.

Be sure to use the #androidapps hashtag and follow @androinica for all your Android news, tips, and features.