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China Mobile rumored to be launching the HTC OPhone in June

May 26, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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China Mobile rumored to be launching the HTC OPhone in June

I am not sure what to make of this story, at first glance it seems a little confusing, but here goes…

According to a recent WSJ report we are going to see China Mobile launching the HTC OPhone in June. So the confusing part, and just to make sure you are aware that was not a typo — the story is suggesting it will be the HTC OPhone. And yes, that appears to be a completely different handset from the previous OPhone that was supposed to be headed to China Mobile from Lenovo.

So, it seems that the name OPhone is actually coming directly from China Mobile. They have their customized version of Android which is called the Open Mobile System, hence the “O” in the name. Additionally, based on the story it would appear that China Mobile will indeed have an HTC OPhone as well as a Lenovo OPhone.

Anyway, getting back to the HTC OPhone, it would appear that it is actually a rebranded and repackaged HTC Magic. As for pricing, nothing has been made official just yet, however it was suggested that it will retail for about 5,000 yuan (about $730 US).

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