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Canada’s Android phones come with Exchange support

May 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Canada’s Android phones come with Exchange support

Canadian Android fans willing to sign-up with Rogers Wireless will have the incentive of built-in Exchange e-mail support. That means business users won’t have to shell out an extra $25 for an app that provides Microsoft Exchange Support. Instead, they’ll get that feature out of the box when they purchase an HTC Dream or Magic.

Many businesses use a MS Exchange server to keep employees connected to their work e-mail, contacts, and calendar. The US and UK versions of the G1 do not have a built-in method to connect to an exchange server, requiring users to purchase a license and app like Touchdown or the  momentarily free RoadSync. The HTC versions of Android that Rogers comes with will not require such a remedy, at least not for e-mail.

Rogers selected to use the custom HTC version of Android rather than the standard “with Google” version seen in the US, UK, Germany, and several other countries. There are no known differences between the two aside from the HTC-created Exchange support seen in the phone and a tweaked Camera app. I doubt many Canadian users will care whether or not their phone says “with Google” on the back if it means their Dream or Magic gets Exchange support.

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