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Android apps — coming to Ubuntu

May 27, 2009 | by Robert Nelson


Android apps — coming to Ubuntu

We have long been talking about the possibility of netbooks that are running Android, but in this instance Android, or at least a part of it will be headed to computers via Ubuntu. It seems that Canocical is currently working on bringing Android apps to Ubuntu.

According to the report, Canonical is working on building an Android execution environment that will allow Ubuntu users to run Android apps directly within the OS. As of now this is still early in the process, however Canonical have already demonstrated a working prototype of the execution environment. Unfortunately, they still noted the project as needing “a lot of work before it will be practical for use.” As of now, the project remains closed, however the developers are planning to publish it soon and in turn invite the community to participate.

I think this may be the perfect (or as close as possible to perfect) solution that we will see, or need with Android on a netbook. Of course, I wonder what I would really need from Android in terms of an app that I would not be able to get or do with a regular install of Ubuntu. Either way, I think this has some exciting possibilities, it should be interesting to see how it works when it is finally released.

[arstechnica and Image Courtesy of Scott James Remnant]