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What should T-Mobile call its next Android phone?

April 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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What should T-Mobile call its next Android phone?

The HTC Sapphire is the Magic in Europe, but that name won’t fly when the next Android phone comes stateside. TMoNews reports that T-Mobile USA is testing names to assign to the HTC Sapphire, and random subscribers are being asked which name they like the most. Possible contenders include Sapphire, G3, myTouch3G with Google, Genius 3G with Google, and Prism 3G with Google.

It was a forgone conclusion among some that the next Android device tied to T-Mobile would definitely be called the G2. That was the colloquial name adopted by many and ’2′ tends to follow ’1′ as we all learned in pre-school. But, G2 doesn’t seem to be the slam dunk that so many thought it would be.

I had a suspicion that T-Mo might opt for something other than perpetuating a G-series naming because they didn’t want to make the G1 seem dated by a shiny, new device had a higher number. It’s one thing for phones to throw on gibberish-sounding model numbers, it’s another to create a clearly-defined structure of what’s new and hot in the minds of the average consumer. It’s possible that T-Mobile wants brand the Sapphire with something catchy and appealing so they don’t have to date the G1. Then again, they did include G3 among the list of names, so who knows the reason behind their thinking.

Any suggestions on what name they should choose?