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Vodafone branded HTC Magic gets a video unboxing

April 28, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Vodafone branded HTC Magic gets a video unboxing

Sascha over at was able to get his hands on the recently released HTC Magic and was kind enough to perform what he described as his first unboxing of a smartphone. I cannot help but think, what a phone to begin with.

As you will see from the video, he went with the black version, which appears to be a nice look for the Magic. Otherwise he described the Magic as being small and having a “pretty good” build quality. One complaint that was made came in regards to the fingerprints which are bound to happen with a glossy finish.

Aside from the Magic itself, the rest of the package contained just the necessities. Sascha commented that the handset should come with a small towel to wipe those fingerprints, but no such luck. It did however ship with a USB cable, headset with earbuds and microphone, power adapter and an artificial leather case that was described as feeling “a little cheap.”