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T-Mobile offers up G1 user stats

April 2, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile offers up G1 user stats

T-Mobile has recently release some user stats for the Android based G1 and they are showing that “roughly half” of the customers that have purchase a G1 have moved up from a “basic handset.” Wow, to me that would suggest that the G1 may be making its way into more than just the average geeks hands.

Additionally, a few other interesting bits of information include that four-out-of-five G1 users download new apps at least once a week and that “on average” G1 users have downloaded more than 40 applications from the Android Market.

Otherwise, it seems that 80-percent of those users browse the web on a daily basis, which goes along with the previous figures that Android is making up for 5-percent of the US based mobile web traffic. It was also noted that most users connect via Wi-Fi on a daily basis.

Finally, and this comes with little surprise, but the stats also show that the “majority” of G1 users browse Facebook and/or YouTube at least once a day.

Overall, these stats are not all that shocking to me, well, aside from the average of 40 applications.

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