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T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1′s

April 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1′s

The recent Q1 financial announcement from T-Mobile ultimately did not offer up the best of news, however there was one nice bit that was included. That news was that T-Mobile has officially sold one million G1′s.

Sure, one million may not be as large a number when it is compared to some other phones, but keep in mind that T-Mobile is not the largest carrier, not to mention their 3G network is still just beginning. If you remember, when the G1 launched this past October T-Mobile only had 21 major markets that were 3G. Of course, since then we have seen several rounds of expansion.

Additionally, it was also noted that T-Mobile has about 1.5 million devices using their 3G network, which means that the G1 has about 67% of the network.