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SextingVault app hides your naughty pics

April 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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SextingVault app hides your naughty pics

“Sexting” has become the sexiest story of the past 6 months in American news outlets. It involves everything the fire-stoking media loves – sex, scandal, and a spooky undertone to worry parents. For adults tired of these “Are Your Children Sexting?” stories, SextingVault can hide risqué photos stored on an Android phone. (Note: We’re not suggesting using this to hide anything illegal or obscene. Don’t break the law).

SextingVault stores designated images in a password-protected folder that makes photos not appear in the Pictures app. Long-pressing on a photo will add that image to the “Private” folder, which keeps it away from prying eyes.

SextingVault, also available as PhotoVault for a less suspicious name, is available for 99 cents. A free test version is also available in the “Tools” category of the Android Market. Be sure to also read our previous tips for protecting images using Astro.