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Samsung to release Android phones on Sprint and T-Mobile

April 2, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Samsung to release Android phones on Sprint and T-Mobile

Android has stumbled out of the gates at CTIA, sparking little interest or major announcements. However, managed to wrestle a few details about Samsung’s Android plans from company VP Dr. Won-Pyo Hong. We already knew that Samsung was working on multiple Android phones, but Dr. Won-Pyo also revealed that:

  • A Samsung-produced Android phone will be released outside the U.S. in June. The rumored phone spotted at an event in Netherlands has not been confirmed as the device, however.
  • There will be two Android phones released in the U.S. “sometime in the second half the year.” One will be for Sprint and the other for T-Mobile – no surprise there. The phones will not be identical in appearance to each other.
  • Heavy customization on each phone is likely. Won-Pyo says that Samsung’s commitment is “more to the Android phone than the Google Experience device,” meaning that there may be other options to the Google-centric features like mail, calendar, search, etc. My personal guess is that carriers signing deals with Yahoo, Opera, MSN, and other Google competitors probably has something to do with that decision.

Samsung has a track record of making some incredible phones, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they would move towards tweaking Android. I’d bet my life savings on an interface other than Android’s current UI, and I assume there will be features that aren’t built-in to HTC’s Android empire.