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PinPoint Location switches to Skyhook Wireless GPS SDK

April 15, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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PinPoint Location switches to Skyhook Wireless GPS SDK

PinPoint Location has switched to using Skyhook Wireless to offer a more accurate location service. Joining other GPS-enabled apps like Locale, PinPoint is now using Skyhook’s Wi-Fi and XPS hybrid location system to find more accurate readings of an Android phone’s location.

Colin Godsey, lead software engineer for PinPoint maker CRG, expressed dissatisifaction with Android’s native location service. Godsey said in a statement:

“Because people rely on my app to find their way back to bookmarked spots, it is essential that location is completely accurate. Native Android location is not satisfactory, and only Skyhook can ensure that users are not left lost or confused.”

PinPoint is an app that bookmarks locations people discover while traveling and provides accurate navigation for getting back to those points. Accuracy would seem pretty important for a feature like that. I haven’t personally used PinPoint, but I know that Locale has improved since switching to Skyhook Wireless service. PinPoint, available in the Travel section of the Android Market, should see more precise results thanks to the switch.