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PhoneFlix brings Netflix account management to Android

April 21, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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PhoneFlix brings Netflix account management to Android

Maybe I should prefer this with saying that I sometimes cheat on Android. Yes, I will admit that while I love Android and my G1, I am also an iPhone user. I like the iPhone mainly because of the wide selection of available apps, given that, there are few things that make me smile as much as when I find out that I can use the same app on both my G1 and my iPhone.

Anyway, the latest app to fall into that category is an one that may appeal to avid Netflix users, it is called PhoneFlix. To begin with, PhoneFlix comes courtesy of Next Mobile Web and it is a free app, but aside from that it will most likely also help to manage, and more importantly, regularly add movies to your queue.

According to the app description on Next Mobile Web, PhoneFlix will allow you to “do almost everything you can do from from your phone.” I really cannot disagree or say more, but just to name a few, PhoneFlix will let you manage your movie queue (including your instant queue), check your recent activity as well as see any movie recommendations and reviews. You can also search for titles by keywordsor browse categories such as Top 100, New Releases, ect. Additionally, you can also read the movie description which includes the cover art, rating and stars in the movie.

Finally, in addition to the Android and iPhone app, PhoneFlix is also available for the BlackBerry. About the one item that would make this app more interesting, would be the ability to scan a barcode and have that title added to your queue.

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