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Paid apps live in Germany/Austria?

April 1, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Paid apps live in Germany/Austria?

Earlier this morning, I saw someone mention on Twitter that paid apps for Android are now available in Germany. Naturally, I checked my calendar and assumed it was simply some April Fool’s trickery. I’ve learned to almost never believe anything I read this time of year.

Surprisingly, this may be one of the few tech items reported today that are actually true. According to Froogloid, makers of the Android app a2b, German and Austrian Android fans have been purchasing their app. Screenshots of Froogloid’s Google Checkout account show sales receipts for transactions that took place in Germany and Austria, meaning the Android Market must be open to paid apps in those countries.

I’ve noticed a few more Germans Twittering about paid apps in the last few minutes, so this seems legit. If you are in Germany or Austria and see paid apps in the Android Market, lets us know.

Willkommen im Club.

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