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Italy’s TIM preparing to launch the HTC Magic

April 27, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Italy’s TIM preparing to launch the HTC Magic

According to the details on the TIM website, the HTC Magic is getting ready to launch. Unfortunately, as of now there has not been any specific launch date given, but this appears to be pretty exciting news nonetheless. You see, this will mean that TIM customers will have a choice because TIM will be offering both the HTC Dream and also the HTC Magic. Lucky them, actually having a choice of which Android handset to pick. Personally, I would go for the Magic, but that may be only because I have already been using the Dream and am ready for something new.

Anyway, once available, the Magic will retail for 449 EUR, which is about $595 US. Again, nothing official in terms of a release date, however, rumor has it that it will be available beginning May 4.

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