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HTC Magic build ported for G1 root users

April 18, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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HTC Magic build ported for G1 root users

The HTC Magic is available for pre-order for Android fans willing to sign-up with Vodafone UK. And while we’re on the subject of the Magic, there’s a user-created Android software floating around based on the Magic. Haykuro has ported the Magic to work on the G1 and it looks “mighty fit, yeah?” as my British cousins like to say.

HTC Source has a gallery of screenshots detailing Haykuro’s ROM, which some rooted G1 owners are installing on their phones so they don’t have to wait on Cupcake. Google originally blocked those users from accessing the Android Market, but there appears to be a fix for the problem in the ‘H’ build.

Instructions for porting your G1 to the user-created Magic build can be found at Haykuro’s website, but doing so requires root access and some work. If you don’t feel comfortable following the directions of the build installs and explanations for the root process, you might be better off just waiting for the Magic device or Android 1.5 update.

magic3.png   magic4.png   magic.png