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Have your voicemail sent to email with

April 17, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Have your voicemail sent to email with

Common Voices has just announced the immediate availability of a voicemail to email service for Android G1 users. The service is and will allow you to have your email automatically forwarded to your Gmail account. The service is available for free, but unfortunately it is only available for those in the US.

I have to admit that the idea of this service initially seemed a little unnecessary to me as I often check my email on my cell phone anyway and it sounded a little redundant. However as the press release points out, users will be able to not only be notified of a message by email, but that email will also allow your to listen to your email, which means you will not have to call into your voicemail and use any minutes.

Also, since your notifications will be going to a Gmail account, you will be able to manage them just like any other email. In other words you will be able to reply, forward and even archive those messages for future reference.

Of course, while this announcement was targeted for Android users, it is important to point out that the service will work with other smartphones as well as with email accounts that are not Gmail.

This may be a nice solution for those that receive important emails that could benefit from being archived, but considering my messages generally go something like “Hey you know who this is, just give me a call” or “Why are you not answering your phone, call me” the archiving does not sound as necessary.

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