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Google Product search plays nicer with Android

April 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Google Product search plays nicer with Android

Google Product Search for Mobile is open for business, geared towards Android and iPhone users. The Android-friendly version of Google Product search now supplies quick access to product reviews and price comparisons for retailers.

Android users weren’t exactly clamoring for Google Product’s price comparison feature since there’s already ShopSavvy and Compare Everywhere. However, the real worth of this service is the great amount of detail you can gain. It’s one thing to know which store has the best price on a laptop, but how do you even know if it’s a good laptop?

Google Product Search can lead to ratings, reviews, technical specifications, additional notes from online retailers, and even comments from other consumers. It’s another tool to help make an informed purchase. Here’s a short video showing how Product Search operates.