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Google Calendar Mobile gets new feature upgrades

April 7, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Calendar Mobile gets new feature upgrades

Google Calendar Mobile was an anemic version of the full Calendar website. Useful features found on the full website could not be used on the mobile version. Android users can be thankful that Google has finally addressed the problem and upgraded GCal Mobile.

Complaint #1 on the Google Ideas page was that the GCal webapp could not be edited. Other glaring shortcomings like being able to accept invitations and edit the event invitation features were also problems. Users can now access the website to do both, as well as edit their attendance status.

GCal has also been given the offline support afforded to Gmail today. In the event of a data connection failure, Calendar will return to previously viewed tasks. Just like the Gmail update, GCal’s upgrade is temporarily available only for the English version of the website. Non-English versions are coming over the next few weeks.

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