April 21 T-Mobile event NOT for Android

April 18, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


April 21 T-Mobile event NOT for Android


It seems that the April 21st event that was supposed to bring big Android news is no more. Oh, the event is still taking place, but it is officially not an Android event. Instead, T-Mobile will be promoting the latest version of the Sidekick.

After T-Mobile sent a vague invitation to to media sources and popular blogs to announce a big event taking place in New York City on April 21, everyone wondered aloud if a major Android announcement – whether it be the next T-Mo device or release of Cupcake to the G1 – might take place. But after a Blackberry event was scheduled for London on the same day and no clarification came, those ideas seemed to be shot down.

It’s now safe to say that there will not be any scheduled Android news emerging from T-Mobile on Tuesday. It looks like the Big Magenta will keep being coy with Android fans for the time being.