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Apps: “GameTime” is an NBA All-Star with a few injuries

April 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: “GameTime” is an NBA All-Star with a few injuries

Do you love this game? If so, the NBA wants to keep you immersed in it at all times. NBA Digital has released an Android app, creatively titled GameTime, that keeps users up-to-date with scores, schedules, stats, and standings of its always competitive league. Android users can cue that classic “NBA on NBC” theme music and follow each dribble closely with this app.

GameTime offers an incredibly appealing interface. The graphics are great, there’s a sound layout, and information is packaged nicely. The beauty of NBA GameTime is that good looks and speed separate it from other sports apps. Sadly, there are a couple useful features missing that would have rendered Plusmo Basketball app or Scoreboard to definitive second fiddles. GameTime is quicker than Scoreboard, but lacks an easily accessible refresh button or in-game notification option. It also doesn’t have the news features available in Basketball.

If you simply want to check a schedule or see how many points Lebron James and Dwyane Wade scored earlier tonight, NBA is a great option. However the absence of two important features its competitors have is a little disappointing given that this is an official work from the source. One would think that the NBA Digital team would have an innovative package that similar apps could not offer given its level of access. I love this game, but I would love this app more if it could do something we haven’t already seen.

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App: NBA GameTime
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