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Apps: ActionComplete gets things done (#GTD)

April 15, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: ActionComplete gets things done (#GTD)

Google Android can run several applications at once, so why is it so hard for people to multitask in real life? It’s probably because they haven’t learned to use free apps like ActionComplete to get things done.

Created by productivity guru David Allen, Getting Things Done (GTD) is about managing “actions” — clearly-defined, physical steps that can be taken to reach an accomplishment. We’ve briefly touched on how valuable GTD can be for someone trying to manage their goals and projects, and now we’re happy to feature ActionComplete, an Android app centered on action management.

ActionComplete is an app that systemizes tasks, goals, and assignments. Organizing actions is easily-managed thanks to user-friendly project tabs and filters. While a simple to-do list app may functional for some, ActionComplete is geared more towards GTD practitioners and users with a more complex set of actions. The math teacher who also coaches a sports team or the IT consultant who builds apps and runs a computer repair service in her part-time will find good use for it.

Key ActionComplete features include:

  • Location awareness that automatically applies filters near defined areas. A “Personal” filter can appear near your house or a “Chem Project” filter near the science lab at your college campus.
  • Multilayered sorting support. Tasks can be listed based on project title or filter, and then filtered again according to tags or urgency.
  • Store long-term projects or ideas in a “Pending” tab. This is ideal to store away goals or projects that you’d like to revisit or consider in the future.

GTD is David Allen’s take on productivity, and ActionComplete is a useful take on Allen’s approach. The app is customizable and very easy-to-use, two features crucial to any productivity system. Below is a video showcasing an example of how I would use ActionComplete to run my GTD system.

App: ActionComplete
Price: Free