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App Review: Pkt Auctions eBay is a strong bid

April 13, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: Pkt Auctions eBay is a strong bid

My name is Andrew, and I’m a recovering eBayaholic. My addiction led to many feverish bidding wars over everything from iPods to video game bundles. I’m thankful to have kicked my habit, especially since there are tools like Pkt Auctions eBay.

An eBay addict can get a fix at all times with Android and Pkt, which brings the major components of My eBay. Tracking items that users watch, bid on, or sell is stored in easy-to-navigate tabs. The eBay client can then enter bids or add items to the eBay watch list.

Shopping on eBay is easier because pkt can scan a barcode and return matching auctions for that product. Traditional search is also strong, and auctions are displayed in an optimized format for Android. One advantage this app has compared to eBay Mobile is that users have the choice of viewing item descriptions in ‘simple’ format, which is faster and more Android-friendly, or ‘full html’ mode, which maintains the intended display formatting.

A frequent user of eBay will feel right at home using pkt eBay. It’s light, quick, and powerful enough to keep the bidding going frequently. The app is good enough to almost make me relapse into my eBay addiction.

Key Features

  • Auction search based on barcode-scanning
  • My eBay for watching, bidding, and selling items
  • Bidding/watching alerts when 10 minutes are left in auctions
  • Country-specific results for United States, United Kingdom, or Germany
  • Support for live chat (forum eBay members)

App: Pkt Auctions eBay
Price: Free

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