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Android releases official Cupcake SDK

April 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android releases official Cupcake SDK

Android Developers and Dev Phone owners are now Cupcake owners as well. Google has released the Android 1.5 SDK, allowing developers to make apps using the full version of Cupcake, which was shown in preview modes recently. And to sweeten the day (I promise that will be my last Cupcake pun), HTC has also released corresponding images for Dev Phone owners to install Cupcake on their phones.

What does this mean for regular users with no plans of making apps or buying a dev phone to play with? Well, it means that the first stable release of Cupcake is officially finished. Coupled with the news that T-Mobile Germany is getting Cupcake in an over-the-air update next month, other Android users can feel comfortable knowing their time is fast approaching.

Developers can obtain the new SDK from the Open Handset Alliance website and start working on apps. Dev phone owners can download the new images to flash from HTC. Be mindful of this message from Google, however:

I’d also like to note that Android developer phones like the ADP1 are intended for application development, rather than daily use. Additionally, they are operator-neutral and country-neutral, so they may not include certain features found on end-user devices.

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