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Android gets new Google Voice app in “GV”

April 1, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android gets new Google Voice app in “GV”

Android users who are also members of GrandCentral/Google Voice have the benefit of using the service on their cell phone thanks to GV. Evan Charlton — the creator of the similar app, G1 Central — has released GV, an Android app that provides some of Google Voice’s features.

Those of you lucky enough to have a Google Voice account will probably get a kick out of GV. The app features a workaround that lets users dial-out with their Google Voice number showing up in the caller ID, which can be useful to people who already have Voice as their default contact number given to others. Other features include “ad-hoc dialing, calling from contacts, visual voicemail, SMS messaging, and more.”

Registration for Google Voice is currently not open, so only users who already have an account or receive an invitation to join can use GV. The app is available in the “Communication” section of the Android Market.

NOTE: You can register for a Google Voice invite to join the waiting list. Say ‘Hi’ if you see me standing in line.

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