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Android “Cupcake” build inches closer to release

April 14, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android “Cupcake” build inches closer to release

The Android Developers Blog has posted an updated look at the Android 1.5 SDK, meaning a stable, official update of the Android firmware is closer to being released. This isn’t one of those “Cupcake is coming!” posts because there’s still no timeline to when users will see it, but this update being passed to developers is good news. It’s a promising sign that the heavily-anticipated features are closer to being released to Android consumers who have waited patiently impatiently for months.

The Android team released a preview build of the SDK, so developers can ensure that their apps will work on the new version of Android. The latest build also offers the following features:

  • “Refinement of all core UI elements” – (the look/feel of Android will improve across the board)
  • Faster camera, GPS, scrolling, and browser
  • On-screen keyboard and auto-correct, auto-fill, and user dictionaries
  • Various forms of Live folders
  • Video Recording
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Search for text on a page
  • Copy and paste from the web
  • Google Talk status appears in contacts
  • Framework to support Widgets and Live Folders

There’s quite a bit of new features expected from the Cupcake build. Aside from the obvious big-ticket features like video recording and a soft keyboard, the long list of improvements, enhancements, and small-detail features really has me excited again (even though I’m sure it will be weeks before we see any of this).

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