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Android Cupcake 1.5 video preview (#android)

April 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Cupcake 1.5 video preview (#android)

After Google released a preview of the Android 1.5 SDK earlier this week, Android fans learned about some of the new features that they would get in the next version of Android. Enhanced web browsing, graphic changes, and several tweaks are among the many changes promised. I wasn’t content to simply read about the changes and didn’t want to install the HTC Magic build on my G1, so I decided to check out the SDK and figured I’d record a video showing how some of the updated Android features will function and appear in Cupcake.

- Tweaked zoom functions
The zoom function has been updated with interface changes Google previously mentioned. The “+ and -” zoom in/zoom out buttons are now thinner and longer instead of the previous overlay design. There is also a “1x” button to automatically return zoom to the default scale.

- New “Find on page” for web browsing
A very useful feature of web browsing will be available on Android thanks to the”Find on page” function. Users can search the text displayed in Browser and see every time a word or phrase is mentioned on a particular page. Use it to locate a specific phrase in text, find the place you left off, or cut directly to the chase of what got you on a page in the first place.

- New copy n paste in web
Yes! You can now copy and paste directly from a website. Android users will be able to select text and have it automatically added to the clipboard. The copied text can then be taken to another window, the search bar, or another application.

- Text prediction
I’ve had text prediction on almost every phone I’ve owned, so it surprised me that the G1 didn’t have this feature. The next Android version has text prediction, which seemed to not bother suggesting anything for small words while I played with the emulator.

- On-screen keyboard
You’ve all seen this plenty of times. I don’t think you really need any more explanation. The on-screen keyboard has a great layout and quick access to alternative characters, so we’ll have to see how well it works when dealing with fingers.

- A few noticeable UI changes
Google showed a couple of user interface changes and I noticed a few of them here. The Music app (not shown in video) has slightly different colors, Android buttons are more “graphical,” and you can add a music widget directly to the homescreen. The changes are small but noticeable; a step up from the previous look/design of Android. Note: The music widget looks just like the one seen in the HTC Magic port.