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Acer has an Android desktop prototype

April 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Acer has an Android desktop prototype

Acer and Android are expected to be together on smartphones, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the company also considered doing the same for a netbook. Apparently, Acer is more likely to expand on the trend of putting Android on non-phone devices by bringing Android to PC’s.

At a press event yesterday, Acer revealed that it has a prototype desktop PC that uses Android as its operating system. “Acer says Android has a chance on desktop, adding they already have a prototype. But not quite ready,” PCMag’s Lance Ulanoff wrote last night.

Am I the only one who thinks this whole Android on ______ thing is being stretched a little too far? It’s one thing for a MID or netbook to take advantage of Android’s power, but expecting it to power a full-fledged computer seems to be overstepping the OS’s purpose and strengths. Android was not designed to run Photoshop, Firefox, and iTunes all at once. It’s supposed to improve the mobile life experience – not try to compete with the cute kids in those “I’m A PC” commercials. Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe Acer is banking on people willing to gamble on a desktop computer running what was designed to be a portable-rooted operating system.

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