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VIDEOS: Android’s Home screen upgraded

March 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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VIDEOS: Android’s Home screen upgraded

The Android home screen has been heavily pimped in recent weeks. From the diamond-like dxTop to the robust OpenHome, a crop of new home screen replacements has given Google Android new themes, designs, and added widget support. Androinica has created brief video reviews to showcase demo versions of aHome, dxTop, and OpenHome — the newest ways to beef up the Android home screen.

aHome Lite

aHome has widget support for digital or analog clocks, weather, notes, and more. It skins everything but the notification bar and supports up to 10 windows on the home screen.

Open Home

Open Home supports seven windows in the home screen and ports some of the great themes created by members of XDA Developers. The app has added widget support, auto rotates, and supports BetterCut shortcuts.


dXTop offers the most unique configuration for Android. The four screens are less than its rivals but still powerful. The app supports widgets such as memory management and advanced search bars. Themes are currently being developed.