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The 10 Best Paid Android Apps

March 6, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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The 10 Best Paid Android Apps

If you build it, they will come. If you code it, will they buy? Google has finally allowed developers to answer that question now that paid apps are available in the Android Market. T-Mobile G1 junkies have been examining these new programs, constantly browsing the Market for apps worth launching Google Checkout. Most apps are weak and deserve to be return policy casualties, but others have managed to become worth their weight in code. These are The Best Paid Apps on Android.

1. Checkbook Genius Hyper Deluxe – $7.99

bestapps_checkbook.pngSteep price and all, Checkbook Genius Hyper Deluxe may earn its keep for anyone willing to pay for this upgrade of the free Checkbook Genius app. This Android debit ledger can track purchases, bill pay, work expenses, and other transactions for multiple accounts, unlike the free version. It also includes added help features and the ability to change the background. Let’s just hope a price break can make the decision to purchase CGHD easier.

2. Discover Pro – Sale: $1.99 (regularly $6.99)

bestapps_discoverpro.pngDiscover Pro can view and transfer files wirelessly through computers, other Android phones, or iPhones that access the same WiFi network. Imagine being able to manage files on your home computer without having to mount the phone, or even share content with a friend at a coffee shop. Imagine no more, because Discover Pro can do it. Note: Discover offers a free version with less features.

3. BetterCut – $2.99

bestapps_bettercut.pngWe’ve already reviewed BetterCut, a more powerful version of Any Cut. This enhanced app allows customers to create shortcuts, toggle settings, customize icons, and add website shortcuts. While you can do some of those things by combining a few apps’ powers, BetterCut still has its merits.

4. PageRing – $1.99 / 5. SMS Commander – $2.99

bestapps_smscommander.pngLosing or misplacing a cell phone is not fun, especially when that cell phone is on vibrate. PageRing helps locate your missing phone by sending an SMS text message with a keyword that can raise the ringer to maximum volume. SMS Commander does as well, but also adds the ability to lock a phone or obtain a map of its general location through texting.

6. dxTop: Home Alternative – $3.99

bestapps_dxtop1.pngAndroid needs apps, but it also needs widgets. It needs widgets that can quickly tap into multiple search engines or display post-it notes on the home screen. Android gets those services in dxTop (at a price) and a platform for more widgets in the future. Unfortunately, current widgets cost money, which can become awfully expensive as more are downloaded. It’s great that dxTop adds widget support, but it will take more free offerings for this to remain a worthwhile paid app.

7. Snap Photo Pro – $0.99

bestapps_snapphotopro.pngWe’d all like to have a cell phone camera that could replicate the picture quality of our digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. We’ll have to settle for the improvements that Snap Photo Pro can add to the T-Mobile G1’s 3.2 megapixel camera. SPP improves on its free version with stronger stability detection, new editing modes, the ability to draw on pictures, add borders, and toggle timestamp settings. Take a look at a few SPP effects.

8. Air Hockey – $0.99

bestapps_airhockey.pngA mobile game app should be simple enough to play in downtime but interesting enough to hold your attention. Air Hockey succeeds in both arenas and offers an enjoyable table hockey experience on the Android phone. Read our full app review to see why Air Hockey made this list.

9. Klaxon Smart Alarm – $2.99

bestapps_klaxon.pngAlarm clock radios are so 2008; everyone wakes up to ringers and beeps from their cell phone now. Waking up can be easier with Klaxon Smart Alarm, which sets alarms with custom volume, gradual ring, multiple alarms, and snooze settings. If the default Alarm Clock or free Klaxon do the trick, skip this app. Otherwise, change the way you get up in the morning.

10. Poker Odds – $2.99

bestapps_pokerodds.pngFold after the flop or play to the river? Poker Odds will help make that decision easier by calculating the odds that a player has based on the hole and community cards. The app is a handy tool for Texas Hold ‘Em players because it can quickly measure the strength or weakness of a hand. It obviously shouldn’t be used in live settings, but it can be useful to online poker players and new players trying to gain a better understanding of Hold ‘Em.