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ScanTorrent, second Android torrent app revealed

March 16, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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ScanTorrent, second Android torrent app revealed

A second torrent companion tool for Android has emerged in ScanTorrent. Days after the reveal of a similar app that scans product bar codes and initiates torrent downloads, another Android app that provides an identical function has been unveiled.

Much like ShopSavvy or CompareEverywhere, ScanTorrent uses its camera to scan a barcode to identify a product. But rather than compare prices at local retailers, ScanTorrent initiates torrent downloads for DVD’s, CD’s, etc. While this brings up obvious legal and ethical issues related to content downloaded, the app manages to provide a number of features that include:

  • Search by scanning barcode
  • Search by entering title
  • Google Base product lookup
  • isoHunt torrent search
  • Ability to omit results originating from certain torrent sites.
  • Multiple “Client Sites” or uTorrent WebUI configurations.
  • Download history
  • Search history

Features in development include: Grouping results, sorting results, and support for legal services.

ScanTorrent is in beta testing stage. Here is a video demonstration.