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Samsung Android phone gets tentative release date

March 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Samsung Android phone gets tentative release date

Samsung’s Android phone has been discussed for several months, and the device may make its debut within a few months. DigiTimes reports that Samsung plans to release an Android phone in the third business quarter of 2009, meaning the handset could reach consumers’ hands sometime between July and September.

Just yesterday a photo emerged of what is thought to be the first Android from Samsung, one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world. The small device spotted at a seller’s event in the Netherlands would be the first official challenger to cross the mote of HTC’s Android kingdom.

Any idea on which carrier will offer this phone in the United States? We know AT&T is still cold on Android, and Verizon would probably need 3 months to figure out how to strip the device of its best features. My personal guess would be Sprint, who Samsung has several devices with already, or T-Mobile adding to its staple of HTC Android devices.


UPDATE: A commenter asked for clarity regarding the original statement saying Samsung would release an Android phone between April and June. While fiscal years vary by country, industry, and company — some begin in October, others in January — Samsung’s fiscal year is the same as a calendar year. Therefore, the a third quarter product will actually be released in July, August, or September.