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Rumor: Orange to sell six Android phones in 2009

March 25, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Rumor: Orange to sell six Android phones in 2009

There are Android rumors that you hope prove true, and then there are rumors that just seem so ridiculous that you wonder if there’s any chance they might actually happen. This latest ditty that Orange France will sell six – count ‘em, six – Android phones in 2009 falls into the latter category. French website Mobinaute has spoken with an unnamed source who claims that Orange, who already sells the G1/HTC Dream, will add six more Android phones to its product line-up this year.

This could prove to be true over the next 9 months, but this rumor seems a little too excessive, even by Android standards. In order for Orange to offer this many Android phones, the alleged devices from HTC, LG Motorola, Samsung, or Sony Ericsson would each have to be unique enough to warrant being offered by the same carrier in one year. Why would one company take on the task of marketing and promoting six phones built on the same OS that are likely to have the same “hook” in their sales pitch? What is the likelihood that Orange has even seen enough from these mystery phones to snap them up before any other carrier in France could say a word?

The source says that Orange will offer the HTC Hero in 2009, which seems plausible. However, the notion that the company would carry five more Android phones and the Dream is less believable. And for good measure, the source mentioned the dreaded “c-word.” No, not that c-word; this one.

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