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Root app shortens root process

March 20, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Root app shortens root process

Gaining root access to an Android phone has become the slightest bit easier now that a root install app has recently been released online. Members of and the XDA Developer’s Forum have collaborated to create an app that can root a T-Mobile G1 in four steps. The process is not fail-proof, but it eliminates some of the command typing required in other known methods.

Rooting a phone refers to the process of gaining access to some of the devices’ core functions. In the case of the T-Mobile G1, this includes the ability to tether WiFi (now available to non-root users as well), install custom themes without the need for home screen alternative apps, and take screenshots.

Be advised that there are risks to the rooting process. Making a mistake could cause the G1 to “brick” and become useless because of damaged firmware. The app’s creators state they accept no responsibility for damages caused by using this app.

Androinica does not endorse or oppose rooting a G1/HTC Dream. However, users who feel comfortable enough to attempt the process can learn more from the tutorial posted on