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Rhodes adds Android support to cross-platform development

March 25, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Rhodes adds Android support to cross-platform development

Rhomobile is providing more developer options with Rhodes, an application framework that can be adapted across different mobile platforms. According to the company, using Rhodes will greatly decrease the amount of time necessary to build apps in the iPhone’s native language, and then try to reproduce that app for Android, Blackberry, or other platforms.

“By using HTML, Rhodes breaks down the barrier between an inspired idea and a full blown mobile application that works on all the top smartphones,” Adam Blum, CEO of Rhomobile, said in a press release.

“Rhodes framework provides unparalleled ease-of-use and efficiency, allowing developers to build powerful mobile applications with about ten percent of the code used in apps today.”

Just a week ago, another development tool named PhoneGap promised a similar function. The difference is that Rhodes codes with HTML and Ruby instead of PhoneGap’s HTML and Java. Regardless of the method, the goal remains the same: make cross-platform app building easier and faster to encourage more development.

For instance, a developer with limited resources might focus on the iPhone just because of a numbers game; more users typically means more people who may purchase an app. Rhodes can make it possible for that developer to also explore bringing his/her app to Android instead of ignoring the platform for economic reasons.

Though Rhodes uses HTML and Ruby, its creation’s aren’t web apps. I checked the RhoMobile FAQ and saw that the code is formatted under an OS native language, which removes the need to have a data connection for certain apps to function. Rhodes can also take advantage of a phone’s camera, contacts, or GPS.

Rhodes is available under a GPLv3 license: free, open source apps pay nothing; private apps require a commercial license. Visit for downloads and more information.