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O2 and Vodafone to share network infrastructure

March 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


O2 and Vodafone to share network infrastructure

European carriers O2 and Vodafone have signed a deal to share cell towers in Germany, Spain, Ireland, and the UK. Both companies will remain independent companies with separate operations.

Anyone eyeing the HTC Magic should be excited by this news. Aside from getting a new Android phone, you’ll have a beefed up Vodafone network to go along with it. The company says this deal with O2 will expand network coverage for phone and data service, which should make it easier to take advantage of the Magic’s 3G browsing.

According to O2, the deal also produces the following:

  • More competition in pricing between the two companies
  • Enhanced quality of service levels in mobile broadband across a wider coverage area
  • Jointly-built new sites (cell towers, infrastructure)

In Germany and Spain, the companies will share existing 2G and 3G sites. In the UK and Ireland, both companies are focused on building new sites and consolidating existing 2G and 3G sites. It will take some time to roll out these plans for the companies’ infrastructure, but this deal should make O2 and Vodafone stronger providers.

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