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Mobile “Google Images” results page revamped

March 12, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Mobile “Google Images” results page revamped

Google Mobile has given Android a revamped image search results page, adding new features and further optimizing the results for mobile browsing. What’s new? Android’s new image search page delivers results faster, shows up to 20 images per page, and provides filtering options.

Search results on Android or iPhone phones have a new layout that shows up to 20 images per page. On an image detail page, a larger than normal thumbnail and links to view the full-size pictures or website associated with it appear. Clicking on transparent arrows to the left or right then takes you to the next image.

Most exciting of all, the Google Android Browser app can now filter out image results according to style. Much like the desktop version of Google Images, the mobile results groups results according to faces, clip art, line drawings, and photo content. (The filter is automatically set to “Moderate” but can be set to “Strict” or “Off”).

For instance, when I search for “Sandpeople” on Google, the filter automatically groups similar photos of the Star Wars race of people from Tatooine. The results also groups a screen cap from an episode of Family Guy and the logo of a Portland-based rap group named Sand People because they are both drawn images.

Test out the changes on your T-Mobile G1 at, but be sure to click ‘images’ before searching.

image-search-3.png   image-search-4.png   image-search-2.png