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Locale to gain better location service

March 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Locale to gain better location service

Locale is partnering with Skyhook Wireless to provide increased accuracy and dependency in its location-based app. Tapping into Skyhook’s XPS location system, a newer version of Locale seeks to maximize one of the most popular and respected apps on Android.

In a press release posted by jkOnTheRun, two forty four a.m.’s Carter Jernigan stated:

“Getting an accurate location fix using the Android location APIs requires a lot of battery power and only works outdoors. As soon as the phone steps indoors, location accuracy could be off by a mile. So we integrated with Skyhook for hybrid positioning that’s more accurate, faster and requires less power. Our users have certainly noticed the dramatic improvement.”

Skyhook Wireless bills itself as a company that provides a better location service than the Android SDK. The Skyhook SDK is available for download, and supposedly can create apps that require less battery power. If these claims are true, Locale users will be very pleased with the results. I have only noticed problems pinpointing my accuracy a few times, but getting a new version that’s less-taxing on my G1/HTC Dream battery would be great. This could also open the window to improved performance from other location-dependent apps that may be inspired by a more efficient Locale.