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Google unveils Finance app for Android

March 4, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Google unveils Finance app for Android

The Google team have recently announced a new app that seems like it will please (or based on current market conditions, possibly anger) anyone who needs to regularly check the market. The new app is Google Finance and it was designed to allow users the ability to get their “news as fast as possible.” With that, the app opens up and launches directly in to a section for Markets, Portfolios and News. Users can get stock quotes, market data and even have it give you real-time streaming quotes. Additionally, the Finance app also (assuming you have a Google Finance account) automatically syncs your data.

Android users can download the Finance app from the Android Market, with just one limitation, it is only available for US based users.

Another positive note about the Google Finance app for Android is that (while official), it was developed as a side project that took advantage of their “20% time.” Either way, it appears to be great work, although I would be interested to hear what others who follow the market a little closer think.

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Google unveils Finance app for Android