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G1 pronounced T-Mobile’s biggest money maker

March 19, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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G1 pronounced T-Mobile’s biggest money maker

According to a recent comScore report, it seems that the G1 has become the biggest money maker for T-Mobile. Now, maybe for some that may not come as a surprise, but the reason behind the biggest money maker title is not just because of the phone itself.

To begin with, the G1 is the handset that currently brings T-Mobile the most money, however that is not necessarily due to the $179 price tag. In fact, the G1 is still only the 8th best selling T-Mobile handset. Instead, the biggest money maker title comes from the monthly fees. It seems that T-Mobile customers are more willing to pony up for the extra required monthly data plans that come with the G1.

As for other carriers, with little surprise the same title goes to the iPhone with AT&T and the Storm with Verizon Wireless. The biggest money maker for Sprint is currently the Instinct, however some are speculating that the Palm pre will assume that role once available.

While it seems like good news that the G1 is doing good with T-Mobile, I would to see other carriers pick up Android based handsets and have them take top honors at all carriers.