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Evernote optimizes site for Android

March 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Evernote optimizes site for Android

Google Notebook once saved all of my thoughts, but I eventually switched to Evernote once Google announced that it would no longer develop the note-taking web service. I’m happy to learn that Evernote has become even easier to use now that it’s mobile site,, has been optimized for Android phones.

Evernote is a memory-aid service that “allows you to easily capture information in any environment” using software, browser plug-ins, or cell phone cameras. The mobile version of the site has been given a new look and code that makes it easier to create, read, search, and share notes or photos on a T-Mobile G1.

The G1-optimized site now offers:

  • Easier search and navigation with quicker access to commonly used features
  • Touchscreen optimization makes browsing easier and faster
  • Works in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Dynamic user interface takes full advantage of the Android browser

Evernote already has a native iPhone application and promises to release an Android client in the future. I actually contacted Evernote in early February to ask if they planned to develop a native app for Android and was told, “We do not currently have formal plans for an Android application and no definitive date has been set.”

I don’t know what has changed in the past 30 days since receiving that message, but I’m happy to know that an Android app is coming someday. I’ll be happy with an optimized Evernote Mobile for now, which is one of the tools I use on my G1 to increase my personal productivity.

Visit and for more information.