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Do Android apps with ads bother you?

March 26, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Do Android apps with ads bother you?

Reading that Android commands 5% of mobile web browsing market share didn’t surprise me. But browsing the website of AdMob, the advertising company that released that information, made me wonder: would people rather pay for apps or get them free with advertisements displayed?

Placing ads within Android apps can be a clever way for developers to release free apps and still be compensated for their time/innovation. But it may not go over so well with some users. Even though advertising is a vital part of subsidizing “free” industries like television and news websites, people still fast-forward through commercials with TiVo. That makes me wonder how people respond to ads displayed within certain free Android apps.

Personally, I don’t mind unobtrusive ads. I barely notice the AdMob banner at the bottom of Plusmo’s College Basketball app. I wouldn’t pay money for College Basketball because similar apps/websites could fill the void, but I’ll put up with a reasonable ad if that will keep the app free.

However, if Cinema or Video Player adds a commercial or banner at the beginning of every video I watch like, I’d rather have the option of just paying a buck to be left alone.

How about you? Would you prefer free apps with ads or paid apps without?