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Diotek brings handwriting recognition to Android

March 30, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Diotek brings handwriting recognition to Android

Korean software company, Diotek has recently announced a handwriting recognition app for Android. The app, which seems to go by the name of DioPen for HTC appears to more interesting and proof-of-concept as opposed to truly useful.

While the app is official and working, the G1 does not offer, nor will it work with a stylus, which means that users will be writing with their fingers. Personally, that does not sound all that appealing on the small G1 display. Otherwise, the software is said to currently offer support for both English and Korean languages.

Due to the translations, I have been unable to determine any pricing or availability information, but it looks like there has not been anything announced just yet. Of course, that aside, while interesting, I am not sure I could find many people that would feel the need for this.

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