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Dell Android phone thrown in the dump

March 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Phones, Dell

Dell Android phone thrown in the dump

Google Android could injected life into one trembling company, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for Dell. The much talked about Android phone Dell developed has been shown to some carriers and the feedback has been very un-good.

Analyst Shawn Wu has stated that Dell’s Android and Windows Mobile phones lack “differentiation” in a crowded smartphone market. “From our conversations with supply chain and industry sources, it appears that it ultimately came down to lack of carrier interest,” Wu wrote.

Dell has shown up to the party wearing the same dress as every other girl, and no one seems to want to dance with her. This is a major blow for any company that thought it could ride Android’s coattails. Putting the OS on a generic phone and slapping a company’s insignia won’t get the job done.

Dell remains committed to releasing a smartphone and is going to rethink their efforts. How can they get an edge and on Android and be different? HTC takes care of techies and gadget fiends, Samsung will probably appeal to teens and women, and we’ve yet to see what LG and Acer have up its sleeve. What niche is left to be conquered? Dell has gone back to the drawing board to find an answer to that question. They better discover it quick if Dell plans to be competitive in the cell phone industry.

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