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BuddyMob being tweaked for better communication

March 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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BuddyMob being tweaked for better communication

Social networking mega-app BuddyMob is being tweaked to improve its performance on Android. Belgian-based Kiboo is enhancing and adding several BuddyMob features to improve the app that combines several socializing services into one.

BuddyMob works in concert with AIM, MSN Messenger, Gtalk, and Twitter. Users can instant message on several platforms, tweet, and take advantage of the app’s location features simultaneously. They are also used on an XMPP protocol, which allows BuddyMob to instantly push updates. Kiboo is adding automatic XMPP-to-HTTP protocol switching because some carriers block XMPP access.

BuddyMob, the self-described “center of your social life on Android” provides the following features:

  • Chat with others through AIM, MSN, Gtalk
  • Share photos, videos, and links with others
  • See feeds tabs to see friends current activity (photos, status, comments, etc.)
  • Spot friends current locations/proximity
  • Cross-post to Twitter
  • Manage contacts
  • Meet new people in your area
  • Coming soon: French and German language support

Android users can locate BuddyMob in the “Social” section of the Market or by searching for “BuddyMob.”